2017 Road Maintenance Program

During the road maintenance season, you will see a 1-2 man crew out on the roads using heavy equipment including dump truck, backhoe, skidsteer tractor, motor grader, water truck, and roller. Please keep vehicles parked off the roadways as much as possible during these dates.

MAG Chloride is scheduled to be put down in Green Mountain Falls Sept 25th, 2017.

Here is a little about what it is;

Magnesium Chloride: Magnesium Chloride is a hygroscopic, deliquescent compound that attracts moisture from the air and resists evaporation. Magnesium binds fine dust particles to keep roads stabilized, to slow the loss of aggregate, and to reduce the need for costly regrading. Liquid magnesium reduces erosion, makes unpaved surfaces harder and more compact, and helps to prevent surfaces from becoming uneven or developing potholes.

Offered in 33% liquid form, this environmentally preferred compound is used in a sensitive watershed and wetland areas and in places where workers prefer the therapeutic effects of this natural compound from the Great Salt Lake and the Dead Sea.

Fall 2017


Priority A Roads List (based on the evaluation of need):

  • Boulder St
  • Catamount St
  • El Paso Trl
  • Florence Ave
  • Foster Ave
  • Hondo Ave
  • Illinois St
  • Iona Ave
  • Mountain Ave (section off Park Ave)
  • Myrtle St
  • Spruce Ave

Fall 2017

Dates TBD…

Priority B Roads List (based o the evaluation of need):

  • TBD…

Schedule TBD…

  • Road build-up, Grading Work, and Surface Preparation
  • Chemical Application
  • Surface Compaction