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March Calendar-Public Works

2017-2018 Winter Road Maintenance




The Public Works Department shall make every reasonable effort to keep the roadways in the Town open during storms , and this may include the use of contract equipment if extreme conditions warrant it.Removal of Snow and Ice takes precedence over all other work.

SNOW PLOWING:The snow removal patrol will will begin plowing when snowfall is Three inches or more.Our Public Works department makes every effort to open roads as quickly as possible, and as the weather permits , snow removal will begin with the primary roads ;Ute Pass and Belvidere Avenues as priority. School bus stops and off street parking places are opened up next to provide areas to park  vehicles that cannot reach their destinations.

The Steeper grade roads are then plowed ( Spruce, Foster and Hondo). Depending on the storm intensity , it is sometimes necessary to repeat this process before proceeding to the other roads. Progressively , all other roads are plowed and the intersections cleared of wind rows. 

Driveway and Sidewalks: When roads are plowed , snow may block driveways. While the Town is aware this may cause an inconvenience , it is the property owners responsibility to clear individual driveways and for business owners to keep their sidewalks free of ice, snow and gravel after the snow has melted.

Pushing Snow onto Right of Way :

The Practice of Pushing snow onto or across the Town Roadways endangers the travelling public as well as plow truck operators. Residents need to be advised that this practice is in conflict with the Colorado Revised State Statues associated with snow storage on public right of ways from driveways, sidewalks and parking lots.